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All About Footbeds

It’s good to have a support system 

We can all agree that there’s nothing as satisfying as an outfit perfectly tailored to your measurements- no pinching, no pulling, just a garment that slips on with ease and provides ultimate comfort and support. We care about the right fit for our clothing, so why are so many people forgetting about their feet? Sure, we know our shoe size and definitey know when a pair doesn't fit right, but how much thought have you given to your arches lately? If the answer is "not much, but my feet have been hurting...", don't worry, you're definitely not alone, and you can do something about it today.

You may have heard that wearing high heels is damaging to your feet, or that flip flops are dangerous contraptions, and in turn you’ve found the right happy medium of a shoe that fits you comfortably and provides stability. But while the focus often seems to be on heel height alone, have you ever thought about what's happening on the inside while you walk? The majority of shoes feature no arch support and are basically flat inside - not the ideal environment for your feet, which are “built” for dynamic movement on varied terrain and suffer stress when constantly exposed to flat surfaces.  Feet are naturally curved and the ideal footwear supports those curves, on the inside of the shoe as much as on the outside. Neglecting your foot’s natural arch and wearing the wrong shoes can lead to fallen arches, bunions, plantar fasciitis, back pain and other discomfort. 

Arch in charge

Taking care of your feet doesn’t mean you have to be fitted for custom orthotics right away, unless your podiatrist has advised you to do so. Often, a small change in your shoes can make all the difference. At Giesswein, all of our House and Lodge shoes feature an orthotic quality footbed, that provides medial and metatarsal arch support. The metatarsal arch supports lends support to the ball of the foot, and encourages toes to separate naturally, aiding in the release of tension in the foot, while medial arch support stabilizes the foot and supports both the inside and outside arches, helping to minimize pronation and reduce fatigue. has some further great information on where the arches of your foot are located, what they do, and what can happen when they aren’t properly supported.  

How can we help?

Giesswein’s proprietary Ultra-Comfort footbeds go where other shoes don't, with anatomically correct arch support, roomy toe boxes, deep heel cups, and naturally supportive materials to help to keep your feet healthy, energized, stable, and comfortable. Our wool footbed for Houseshoes retains anatomic contours and full cushioning for years, and the more sturdy cork/latex with suede footbed for the Lodge shoe naturally moulds to your unique foot shape.

And if you’re already using custom orthotics, or want to start, rest assured – most of our House and Lodge shoes feature removable footbeds so that you can replace with your own.

Let your feet breathe a sigh of relief and try a shoe with arch support, for that “just put my feet up” feeling of relaxation all day long.