Click here to find out why we discourage ordering a pair of Giessweins from Amazon or unauthorized third-party resellers

Amazon and Third-Party Resellers

Getting a deal is great. There’s no doubt about it – snagging a good discount or finding the very last pair of a shoe in your size can truly be a thrill.  We don’t want to discourage anyone from finding the best price for their Giessweins, but, as the old adage goes, if it’s too good to be true…it probably is.

Amazon is a great place to see product reviews, check prices and snag a deal. But have you noticed the recent uptick of third-party resellers (not the company that makes the product or an authorized seller) offering brand name products? You may have heard about Birkenstock pulling its shoes from the site due to a prevalence of counterfeit product appearing on the site.  Often, when browsing on Amazon, you think that you are purchasing directly from the brand, but upon closer inspection find that you are purchasing from a reseller. The listing is at a lower price too, so you click, buy and when you get the shoe…realize it’s not what you thought you had ordered.

Giesswein USA does not currently sell shoes through Amazon.  But we’ve heard from a lot of customers who have bought shoes there, thinking they were buying the same product that we offer on this website, and therefore expecting a certain standard of quality, and disappointed when they didn’t receive it. The problem with any sites that allow resale is that we simply don’t have control over the inventory or even know where the product comes from. Is it a genuine Giesswein USA shoe? Maybe. It could be from an authorized seller utilizing this channel or a private seller with the real deal. But it could also be from a third party seller and be a sample not meant for retail, an old pair that’s been kept in the back of a storage closet under less than stellar conditions for years, a pair from our European parent company (more on that below) or, worst of all, a knockoff. We just don’t know, and neither do you, until it arrives in your home and it may be too late. All of a sudden, the money saved turns into a headache gained.

The shoes you will find on our website are all specially designed for the US market. What does that mean? Our Houseshoe and Lodge Shoe styles feature a custom orthotic-quality footbed with arch support that is not available through our European website or other international retailers. These unique footbeds are only available to those who purchase directly through this US website or our authorized US retailers.  This is the number one reason our customers are disappointed when they receive their purchase made through Amazon – their shoes come without a footbed or with one of a different quality and not made by Giesswein.

As mentioned above, Giesswein Walkwaren AG Austria (our parent company) does sell to customers worldwide through Amazon. If an item is listed on Amazon as being fulfilled/shipped by Giesswein Walkwaren AG, this product comes to you directly from Giesswein in Austria. If you purchase through them, the product will be shipped to you from Austria, and any returns/exchanges must be returned via international shipping to Austria. All customer inquiries must be directed to the Austrian customer service as well. Shoes ordered directly from Austria do not feature the foot beds and sizing conversions may differ from the US product.

We realize that Amazon has no fault in this, as it is an open marketplace, and caveat emptor applies. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting a good deal, if the product you end up getting is actually what you wanted (and we should mention that many of our authorized retailers have great sales throughout the year). But we want you to be an educated customer, aware of the potential pitfalls of purchasing shoes not directly from us or an authorized vendor. You can find a list of our authorized retailers in your state or online here. If you can’t find a shoe in your size or have a question on when we’ll have something back in stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you find a pair. We not only want you to be comfortable and supported in your footwear, but also to be sure you are getting the best product possible.