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Austrian Village on River

Environmentally Friendly

(Our wool treads softly on the environment)

Nestled along the River Inn in the Austrian Alps, the Giesswein headquarters in Brixlegg is (quite literally) rooted in nature. The natural beauty of our environment is reflected in our appliquéd designs and you’ll feel it in the richness of our wool, but the connection we have to our environment also influences the way we operate our business.

Giesswein’s presence in Brixlegg is dependent on the sanctity and security of the surrounding environment, and we are committed to protecting the resources that make our process so distinct. Our respect for the river led us to develop our own water filtration system, which ensures that all of the water we use in the fulling process can be filtered and purified for reuse through up to seven washing cycles before it leaves as pure and clean as it came in. This economical water recycling system reduces our water usage by 20 million liters per year, and allows us complete control over the purity of the water that leaves our facility.

Our commitment to our environment and our focus on natural products encompasses the careful use and reuse of resources, energy conservation, non-polluting production practices, and natural packaging. For instance, rather than relying on harsh synthetic glues and cements, the outsoles of our houseshoes are colored with vegetable dyes and dipped in natural latex so that there is no seam and no splitting. We believe these practices not only make for a better product, but also contribute to a healthier, more abundant environment.