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Giesswein for Kids


Aren’t kids shoes just the cutest?!

In fact, if you’re a parent, you’ve probably saved a pair of your child’s first shoes as a memento because they’re just so adorable and you absolutely cannot part with them.  But beyond being fun and whimsical, kids shoes are also really important. Finding a shoe with the right fit and made out of the right material is paramount to the development and comfort of growing feet.

Giesswein has been a staple in children’s footwear in Europe for years – and recently, we expanded this line to the US. We are excited for you and your child to experience the high quality, tradition and craftsmanship that go into each pair of these shoes. Why are Giessweins often the first choice of parents when it comes to selecting footwear for their children? The secret is in the wool…

Our shoes are made out of boiled wool, which is a renewable, sustainable, odor-resistant material, free of harsh chemicals or “funky stuff” of unknown origin that you definitely don’t want your kids exposed to. Even the outsoles are 100% latex and dipped over the shoe, which means no synthetic glues, cements, or other artificial stuff holding them together. And because the soles aren’t glued on, they’re that much closer to being indestructible, even under the most determined little hands.

Speaking of soles, these ones are non-slip, for great traction on stairs and hard surfaces, and therefore ideal for first steps or already confident explorers. Boiled wool is never itchy, scratchy or stinky and adjusts to the wearer’s body temperature, so shoes work with or without socks.  And best of all, wool isn’t rigid, so the material provides room for growing and developing feet, allowing your child to stretch, flex and move those little toes as freely and energetically as he or she wants to.  Do your shoes let you do that?

In Austria, it’s very common to have a dedicated pair of Hausschue (indoor only shoes) to keep at bay the bacteria, toxins and dirt that are just waiting to hitch a ride on your outside shoes.  In fact, you can wear them all day comfortably, and many children do in daycares or schools where a pair of indoor shoes is required. Your child will have no problem slipping these on and off, as most styles feature a stretchy collar, Velcro or elastic gore vamp for easy access.

Finally, we know that parents want not only a high quality product, but one that makes sense to invest in.  Children’s feet grow quickly (some might say rapidly!) but fear not – once your son or daughter has outgrown a pair, the durable materials ensure that their shoes make a perfect hand-me-down. Just a quick spin in the washing machine (most styles are machine washable) and the shoe is as good as new with many more years to go.

If you want to be charmed by fairy princesses, run into friendly dragons, meet a cuddly lion or chill with a polar bear, take a look at our kids styles now. We’re sure your children will love them.