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Austrian House

Health & Arch Support

(Shoes that make a difference in your life)

Giesswein shoes offer superior support and comfort. Our anatomically correct arch supports contribute to the wellness of your feet, legs, and back, and our outsoles provide good traction to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Giesswein customers love how our removable footbeds mold to fit their unique foot shape.

With Giesswein, you can choose the level of support that’s right for you. From the robust all-day support offered by our Lodge Shoes to the casual, unstructured fit of our Salon collection, the choice is in your hands (or on your feet). And if you wear custom orthotics, you know the challenge of finding shoes that work with your inserts. Our removable footbeds can be replaced easily to accommodate your own orthotic inserts.

Boiled wool’s natural breathability regulates body temperature and wicks away moisture, so our boiled wool uppers help to prevent the build up of bacteria and odor. Our signature softness ensures your feet stay comfy with no itchy, scratchy chaffing.