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(Inspired by Austrian tradition)

For centuries, craftsmen high in the Austrian Alps used wool to provide warmth and comfort in their rugged homeland. Throughout Austria’s mountainous Tyrol region, they handcrafted stunning, intricate pieces from wool. The artisans drew inspiration from Austria’s natural beauty: snowy peaks, pristine rivers, fields upon fields of wildflowers. Walter and Elisabeth Giesswein enriched this tradition using boiled wool, refining time-tested techniques to create a softer, more comfortable knit to make sweaters for friends and neighbors.

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In 1954, Walter and Elisabeth launched Giesswein to share their passion for wool with the world. Three generations later, the Giesswein family hasn’t lost sight of the Austrian heritage that informs and inspires each unique design to this day. All Giesswein wool is crafted in the scenic Alpine village of Brixlegg overlooking the Inn River. No matter what you select from Giesswein today, know that it was made with the same dedication to craftsmanship that Walter and Elisabeth knit in to the very first garments they made only for family and friends.