Alp womens Violet

Outdoor lover or winter commuter.

Legendary Giesswein comfort shouldn’t be limited to the indoors! These shoes let you take comfort and support on go. The toe and heel are reinforced with natural fiber for added durability. Also features a cork-latex footbed. Moisture and odor resistant, naturally.

Support Level: (5/5) 

Product Information


  • removable cork-latex footbed with suede lining molds to your unique foot shape
  • high-level arch support (metatarsal and medial)
  • moisture-wicking, breathable, 100% natural boiled wool upper naturally regulates body temperature
  • never itchy, scratchy, or sweaty
  • waterproof, treaded rubber outsole (outdoor/indoor use) is slip-resistant and non-marking
  • accommodates third-party orthotics
  • toe cap and heel cup reinforced with recycled fiber for added durability
  • elastic gore vamp provides a customized fit
  • leather trim
  • natural boiled wool is odor and water-resistant
  • made in Austria
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Footbed Details

Footbeds for Lodge Shoe styles Alp & Innsbruck only

Special lodge shoe footbed Leather

Firm, natural cork-latex support that molds to your foot.

This Ultra-Comfort genuine suede-lined footbed is specifically designed for the Alp and Innsbruck styles within our Lodge Shoe collection. A firm natural cork-latex midsole material provides strong medial and metatarsal arch support to help keep you aligned and energized on your feet all day long. By nature, cork-latex will mold to your unique foot shape over time, ensuring a customized fit with continued wear. In keeping with our philosophy of keeping you (and our shoes) as natural as possible, only four natural materials go into these footbeds: leather, natural latex, natural cork, and natural jute. Naturally odor-resistant.

Support Level: (5/5) 
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Footbed Features

  • compatible with styles Alp, Alpen, Brixlegg, and Innsbruck only
  • Bella, Bigelow, Camden, Stams, Veitsch, and Vent, please click here
  • for questions regarding replacements for other styles, please contact us directly via link below
  • high-level arch support (metatarsal and medial)
  • cork-latex with suede lining naturally moulds to your unique foot shape
  • metatarsal arch supports the ball of the foot, and encourages toes to separate naturally, aiding in the release of tension in the foot
  • medial arch stabilizes the foot and supports both the inside and outside arches, helping to minimize pronation and reduce fatigue
  • made of natural cork and natural latex
  • soft, supple genuine suede lining
  • deep heel cup keeps the heel firmly in place and provides shock absorption and increased stability and balance
  • made in Germany
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Footbed Wash & Care

  • spot-clean only
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Footbed Description

Our proprietary Ultra-Comfort footbeds ensure that your Giesswein experience goes beyond coziness: anatomically correct arch support, roomy toe boxes, deep heel cups, and naturally supportive materials help to keep your feet healthy, energized, stable, and comfortable all day (and year) long.

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Wash & Care

  • spot-clean wool using a soft, non-abrasive brush
  • footbed can be spot-cleaned with a leather cleaner
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Question: How are your shoes sized, and how I choose the best size?

Answer: If you have never worn a Giesswein before (or are choosing a new style), we always recommend that you visit one of our authorized retailers for the best fitting advice. If that is not an option, here are some tips: There should be very minimal or no lifting of the heel out of the shoe when walking; no noticeable bulges/protrusions of material as a result of your foot shape (especially in the toe area); your foot should experience either very minimal or no lateral (side-to-side) or front-to-back movement when walking; no part of your foot should noticeably "roll off" or hang over the edges of our removable, orthotic-quality footbed when walking. Also, there are nuances in fit between different styles in our collection: a size 38 could be a great fit for you in one style, while a half-size up/down may be better for you in another style. We maintain unique size conversions for every style (sometimes even within the same grouping, i.e. Houseshoes, Lodge Shoes, etc.): the approximate US conversions are listed specifically on every page when choosing size and color.


Question: Can these Lodge Shoes be worn outside?

Answer: The Lodge Shoe outsole performs well in rain and light snow, but, please use caution on ice.


Question: Is this a slipper or a shoe?

Answer: The weight of our Lodge Shoes is similar to a clog; the footbed is structured with significant arch support; the upper is soft like a slipper.


Question: Can Giesswein Lodge Shoes be repaired (wool) or resoled?

Answer: We do not offer in-house repair services for our product line. (Since our specialized manufacturing is done in Austria, we do not have the equipment for repairs here in the USA.) Thus, we recommend that anyone experiencing a hole in the textile check with a local seamster/seamstress/tailor—because our shoes are mainly constructed of wool, we find that regular cobblers are not so well-suited to repairing the shoes. A good tailor should be accustomed to working with wool (sweaters, etc,) and they should be able to offer a reasonable stitching or patch solution that will prolong the usage of your Giessweins. The rubber outsoles cannot be repaired.


Question: Can I buy replacement footbeds for these shoes?

Answer: Yes. Please see our “Footbeds” section to identify and purchase the correct footbed for your Giessweins. Our footbeds can be used in other brands’ shoes, but, in these cases, we recommend that you seek the advice/consultation of a pedorthist to ensure that the combination of your individual foot, shoes, and Giesswein footbed are appropriate for your needs.

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Category Description

Whether you’re kicking back on the weekend or out walking around town, our all-purpose Lodge Shoes are dependable sidekicks for any conditions. With the combination of a rugged rubber outsole and the natural water resistance of our boiled wool, your feet will stay dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements. The cork-latex footbeds are anatomically designed for maximum arch support and durability, and can be interchanged with your custom orthotics for a personalized fit.

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