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Sleep and Slipper Time

The National Sleep Foundation has declared this week Sleep Awareness Week – a chance to learn more about the positive and necessary impacts of sleep on your body (Learn more at In light of this, we’ve been thinking about how our slippers fit in with pre-bed rituals. Here at Giesswein, we consider slippers to be one of the most important parts of winding down each evening. After all, nothing says comfort like slipping on a pair of cozy PJs and letting your feet relax after a long day.  The National Sleep Foundation even considers feet warmed up by slippers as a good way to prepare your body for sleep.

Here are some additional ideas to help you get into the sleep zone:

1)      Limit screen time and make your “slipper time” the official “electronics off” time. Put the phone away, shut down the computer and instead enjoy this time before bed to relax both your mind and body of any stresses of the day.

2)      Do some light tidying to prepare your space for the next day, as a decluttered space can declutter your thoughts, too. Put your slippers by your bed when you get in, keeping them at the ready for when your feet touch down the next morning. Also, keep them handy for any bathroom trips during the night – as any pedorthist will tell you – if you have any kind of foot ailment, even if you’re just taking a few steps, do it in your supportive slippers.

3)      Limit your caffeine intake. Instead of having that last cup of coffee, why not double slipper time as tea time? A warm, herbal blend will soothe both body and mind.

4)      Get a massage or do some yoga: light activity can ease tension in the muscles. Slip into your arch-supporting slippers afterwards to keep the positive balance restored in your body.

5)      Count sheep: When you’re lying in bed and all else fails, the classic “counting sheep” may help you – the repetitive imagery can calm you like a repeated mantra. We even have a slipper to inspire you!

Why not take some time this week to think about the importance of sleep and evaluate if your pre-sleep rituals are benefitting you?